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fotografie di Olgiate Molgora

Welcome to Olgiate Molgora!

This page is a guide for all the new citizens, foreignersor not, who live in Olgiate Molgora. This page provides all the new citizenswith information they can use to find the best opportunities and services andto improve our living together!

Olgiate Molgora City Hall
Via Stazione 20
23887 Olgiate Molgora

Telephone Exchange: 0399911211 (go to office numebers)
Fax: 0399911225
Email: info@comune.olgiatemolgora.lc.it

Useful Informations.

In the section "servizi al cittadino", the informations connected to a life event (birth, marriage, study) and the related forms can be found. In particular we draw your attention to the section "To be a citizen", in which a paragraph is dedicated to immigrants. 

All questions related to residence, certificates and citizenship can be addressed to our registry office, by sending an email to anagrafe@comune.olgiatemolgora.lc.it or by calling 0399911213. If you want to come in person,the opening hours are:

Monday 10.00-12.30am and 3.00-6.00pm
Tuesday 10.00-12.30am
Wednesday 10.00-12.30am
Thursday 8.30-12.30am and 3.00-6.00pm
Friday 10.00-12.30am
Saturday 8.30-12.30am

Refuse Collection

rifiutiIn the "mountain" of rubbish we daily throw away, there are three type of waste:
- DANGEROUS: these can be very dangerous to our environment if it is released in the atmosphere or in the ground;
- WET: these materials cannot be immediately re-used but by the time can degrade without any danger for the environment;
- RECYCLABLE-WASTE:if they are collected separately from the others and properly treated, they can be totally or partly re-used.

For this reason we have different collections for recyclableand non-recyclable waste; rubbish can be separated and treated in differentways: it is a sort of ecological chain to save the environment from seriousdangers!!!
But the first link of the chain is you. Without your cooperation and yourattention in separating your rubbish all the ecological chain does not work.
You are important. Actually, you are indispensable.

A simple document will explain you how toseparate your rubbish -download-


We have prepared a clear Document with many informations about medical services in Olgiate Molgora - download -

We also suggest to visit "The Red Cross - Merate" web site.

For emergencies call:




Primary School of Olgiate Molgora

Secondary School 1st degree

Go to "evento della vita - studiare" (facilities for families...)



To be Italian citizens 
 Stemma Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana




 Costituzione della Repubblica Italiana 
  8 languages

 Carta dei Valori della Cittadinanza e dell'integrazione
9 languages

 for foreingners





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